After the maelstrom of the Britpop era, ECHOBELLY recorded and released two albums, PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE and GRAVITY PULLS, which were self-funded and only given a limited release on CD.  They have been waiting for the right time to make them available again. PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE  first released 2001, (produced by Ben Hillier  who has worked with Blur, Depeche Mode…) GRAVITY PULLS first released in 2004, (produced by Ian Grimble who has worked with Manic Street Preachers, Travis…)

This is the first time that remastered versions of these two albums will be available on coloured vinyl and also on CD, along with other ECHOBELLY albums, in various formats. Pre-order any qualifying product on this Making Music campaign to access exclusive ECHOBELLY video and blog updates. The first update is live now, with Sonya's memories of both albums.

"We’ll be keeping you updated with a blog, photos and film footage, as you come with us on the journey that these two albums will be making on this makingmusic campaign - from DAT tape to Digital to Mastering to Vinyl." - Echobelly

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